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"Berman is a story-teller and examiner of life who takes us on journeys mixing the poignant and whimsical, the challenges and simple pleasures of love and relationships, the joys, dreams and realities of life, the unwillingness to bend when faced with obstacles, the steps in the aging process and so much more."

 – Online music reviewer

Dave Berman is a musician and singer/songwriter who has a style that makes familiar songs sound new and unfamiliar songs sound like old favorites. He started playing ukulele at age 10, piano at 11, and guitar 13. He has played electric bass in Omaha cover bands for over 25 years. He learned to play harmonica from his father and continues to make that instrument an essential part of his repertoire. His go-to guitar is the same one he received as a gift from his wife and young son on Father’s Day, 1978.

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