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Welcome to Club Dave Music

Dear Reader,

Of all the blogs on all the websites in all the world you found mine. Thank you for being here whatever your reason. There are approximately 52 billion blogs, and I’m sure the universe could go on without one more. But as long as you’re here…

Tequila at Club Dave

I’m Dave, and this is Club Dave Music. Club Dave is a shout out to my basement bar, jam space, and man cave. Tequila has been known to flow freely, and the music pretty much never stops. It all happens in Omaha, my hometown where I raised my family and still live with my wife Dianne, our cat R2, and our dog Jackson, who thinks he’s a cat.

Club Dave Music about fun and losing yourself in the music. But it’s also about being conscious and aware. I write about the world I observe. My songs are about issues and emotions, life, love, and some wry humor thrown in. I hope you find something you enjoy here. If you do, share it, pass it along, build a monument to it (okay, maybe not that last one).

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