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The Friendliest Place in Nebraska?

Here in Nebraska, we pride ourselves on being nice. But the

first stop on my summer Passport Tour, Glacial Till Winery Tasting Room, might be the world headquarters of nice.

This is one of the friendliest venues anywhere, and it's always a great time to play there. Yesterday was Open Mic Night. I don't remember how I heard about this monthly event, but I was a semi-regular for a while. Players get at least 30 minutes on stage, and the wine-drinking crowd is always appreciative.

I've met so many great people and fine musicians there, I even had the chance to play a couple shows, including a Valentines Day gig. My version of Etta James' At Last needs some work, but the guy on YouTube that I learned it from nailed it!

The Tasting Room is in downtown Ashland. IT has a cool urban-meets-small-town vibe that just adds to the fun of being there. The vineyard and winery are closer to Palmyra. There is live music every Fermented Friday during the summer. The new event facility at the vineyard is gorgeous.

Great Nebraska wines (unbeatable sangria, by the way) and super friendly people. You should check it out.

Photos courtesy of Crystal Bock Thiessen

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