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So, here's an idea...

I have an idea for a live stream/YouTube channel of music for people my age -- those I would describe as old, but young at heart. The episodes will include stories about my music, with accompanying performances of those tunes, and conversations about some of my favorite music by others. That could mean songs from the 50's forward, most of which my viewers will recognize.

So, the concept is "music for grownups" (or maybe "grown-olds") in the same way AARP uses that term to mean for mature (yeah, yeah, old) audiences. I should point out here that I am not affiliated in any way with AARP other than being a card-carrying member, and I have no permission whatsoever to use their intellectual property or marketing.

Would you watch live or on YouTube? What do you think of the idea? I would truly love to have your opinion on this, so I created a quick survey. Please take 5 minutes or less to help me decide to go forward on this:

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