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My Passport Tour Begins

I've lived in Nebraska my whole life, but there is a lot I've never seen. So, this summer I'm following the Nebraska Passport tour across the state.

The Nebraska Tourism Commission has over 80 stops in 10 tours that will take you to famous, infamous, typical, and unknown places all over the state. By getting your passport stamped at every stop, you can get free stuff and win prizes.

Club Dave Music is following the Good People Good Times Tour from Omaha To Scottsbluff and points in between. I like the idea of free stuff, but I want to give back, too. At every stop on the tour, I'll be playing music for the patrons and making new friends. It will all be documented here, and on the Club Dave Passport page.

The First Passport Stamp

I didn't know when I stepped into the winery and country store at Union Orchard that the Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association has their own Nebraska Wine Passport. I got to play music for 3 hours for a bunch of really great people and get my very first passport stamp. This tour is off and running!

Now, if I could just learn to take a selfie...

#NebraskaPassport #music #ClubDaveMusic

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