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New Music!

This is the first edition of what I hope will become a regular feature of Club Dave Music -- New Music Spotlight. On some regular schedule that is still to be determined by my chronic procrastination and general lack of time to the really fun things in life, I'll release a new song here for your listening enjoyment.

It's all about the song

In the Club Dave New Music Spotlight, I'll tell you about my songwriting process and the how and why that goes into the finished recording. Recording and mixing is an exciting process.

I was fortunate to record the Club Dave Music album at Doyle Music, here in Omaha. Most of my recordings are done at home on a less-than-shoestring budget (the picture on the right is an acoustic treatment that used to be a blanket, a couple bar stools, and some clothes pins). Learning how to translate what I hear in my head to what you hear is an ongoing learning process. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


This song is all about the #MeToo movement. I started with the idea that even though some of the harassment and sexual assaults we are talking about today happened years ago, it doesn't change the fact that it happened.

Trying to put this into lyrics, I wanted to convey an image of something that won't change and is evidence of the truth. Fingerprints as evidence immediately sprang to mind. The next step was to come up with analogies for the immutability or unchanging nature of fingerprints.

I wanted this song to be universal in its message. I knew singing it from my male perspective just sounded preachy and self-righteous. So, I wrote from a female point of view. I was thinking about all the young gymnasts who were victims of Dr. Larry Nassar. I tried to keep the lyrics simple and singable by a young woman to the person who did such horrible things.

The finishing touch was getting a young woman to provide the vocal on the track. Many, many thanks to Grace Titus for her performance. I hope you enjoy the song.

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